Wednesday, August 13, 2008

An Ugly Project???

Sometimes we're our own worst critic. Over at WoodNet Forums, member Purds posted photos of what he called "an ugly project," and said he was glad he was finished with it. He said he made too many mistakes, and he didn't like the finish, and he doesn't like to way the sap wood shows in the cherry, etc., etc.
Well, the other forum members were having none of that. The dresser looks terrific, and they said so. But Purds' attitude is pretty typical of home woodworkers. We all make mistakes, and they're all we can see when we look at the finished project. But most people don't and won't ever see the goofs. All they see is a beautiful cherry dresser. More photos and comments at

BTW: If Purds is really unhappy with the dresser, I'd be happy to haul it away for him... you know... just so he doesn't keep getting upset every time he sees at it.

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