Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shop Buddy

Some kids love spending time in the woodshop with Dad or Mom. WoodNet Forums member KeithS took a couple photos of his daughter trying out a new Lie-Nielsen block plane.

My five year old daughter is my shop buddy. She's the only one of the four kids that likes to spend time out there, and helps out with sweeping, playing in piles of plane shavings, and generally making me smile. Yesterday afternoon, I turned around and she was giving a good, long stare to my L-N block plane. I asked her if she wanted to hold it, and she jumped on that. I vised-up a small piece of maple, showed her how to hold the plane in her small hands, and away she went. She was making some nice little white curlies, smiling the entire time. It was an awesome time!!
Comments and more photos here.

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