Thursday, August 14, 2008

ShopNotes 101 Hits the Streets

When the 100th issue of Woodsmith magazine came out and I saw the workbench in it designed to commemorate the occasion, I laughed. The cherry cabinet holding up the maple slab work surface was nicer than anything I had in my home. But craftsman have always created nice things for their workshops. My grandfather was a wheelwright for the Scottish National Railroad in the early 1900's. I have his tool box. A big, rough gray box, but when opened, it's all mahogany, fancy joinery, and beautiful finish.
Following in that tradition, the latest issue of ShopNotes magazine features plans for a Fine-Tool Cabinet, made of cherry with glass doors. After woodworking for a while, most of us have picked up a few really nice hand tools, maybe we got them as gifts, maybe we got over-eager at a tool auction, maybe we bought them ourselves when our spouse was looking the other way. This cabinet would be the perfect place to store and display them.
Issue 101 also has plans for a mobile air tool station and an adjustable tenon jig for the table saw. It's on the newsstand now, or visit for a closer look. You can also get a free preview issue.

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