Wednesday, February 11, 2009

PlansNOW on Twitter

As many of you know, or have sort of figured out, this blog is not my day job. That is, among other things, operating, a website that offers woodworking project plans and technique articles for sale as pdf downloads.
PlansNOW is itself a pure web play, there is no bricks and mortar version. So I've always looked for ways to promote it online (print doesn't work too well anyhow). Promoting PlansNOW on Twitter seems a natural fit. Except there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of woodworking twitter on

Well, we shall see. I'll be posting links to new plans and free stuff on, as well as woodworking tips and of things of general interest to woodworkers. So if you tweet (as it were), please check it out at Twitter. Or look at the Twitter Updates at the right. Thanks.

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