Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Classic Cherry Bed Mod

Those of you who are regular Woodsmith readers will recognize the Classic Cherry Bed in the photo. It complements several bedroom furniture projects that had appeared in earlier issues.
But wait, something's not quite right. Can you guess?
The bed was built by WoodNet Forums member Borderline. He says:

This bed is a combination of many plans I have seen. Many of the features are from the Woodsmith plans (classic cherry bed), however, I did not curve the upper rails and all of the slats are real M&T joints. The side rails are 1.5" think and attached with KD fasteners (the mortise type, not surface mount).
The rails on the headboard/footboard, the side rails and the legs are all laminated from 4/4 stock and "veneered" with 1/16th shop sawn "Veneer", the rails are also capped with a decorative piece that hides the lamination.
Looks terrific. Great job! Read the discussion here.

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