Thursday, January 22, 2009

Adjustable Bench Stop

For years, I relied on a simple board clamped to the end of my workbench to keep a workpiece in place whenever I had to smooth it with a hand plane or belt sander. But I finally grew tired of the hassle of positioning and clamping the stop every time it was needed--I wanted a more convenient solution. And Ted Raife at Woodsmith Magazine had one.
The adjustable end stop you see in the drawings (click drawings for larger view) shows his solution. The stop has a pair of angled slots intersected by a series of stepped vertical slots. Gently tightened lag screws allow easy adjustment of the stop to the correct height by positioning it in the appropriate set of vertical slots. Or you can drop the stop below the surface of the benchtop, as also shown.
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[Thanks Ted]

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