Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chainsaw Rocker

It seems that every woodworking show has a guy in the parking lot carving bears and eagles out of logs with a chainsaw. I've also noticed some people saving the trunk of a dead tree in their yard by having someone carve it into a bear or a couple raccoons. Actually I think that's kind of neat.
But I've never seen anything even close to this: chain saw carving a car seat. From the Cool Hunting blog:

Chainsaw Rocker, a 1:1 reproduction of a Honda Accord car seat, came from a junkyard find that artist/designer Christopher Chiappa had kicking around his studio. While working with chainsaw sculptors on another project, he managed to convince an artisan to make a rendering of the seat... The resulting sculpture [is] replete with functional brass plated rockers.
It doesn't say what wood was used. Get more info and photos at the Cool Hunting website.

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