Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bandsaw Box on Steroids

Bandsaw boxes are quick, easy, and fun to make. Woodworking magazines feature them as weekend projects. They tend to be a little funky, and it's a good chance for a woodworker to get creative because you're typically free-hand cutting the hole(s).
Designer Alex Schlegel pumps the whole concept up several notches with his basswood Band Saw Safe.

The 13 drawers of this band-saw box rotate rather than open outward. Objects for safekeeping are placed into the large, central drawer through a hole in the bottom of the box. Since the arrows on the front of each drawer point toward the drawer's open side, objects may be moved from one drawer to another by first lining up the arrows on the two drawers and then rotating the entire box so that the objects fall from the first drawer to the second.
Specs and a larger photo here.

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