Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Iphone/Ipod Touch app

I haven't used this app, not owning an iPhone or iPod, but the developer just posted a link to the app in the WoodNet Forums. A couple of the members bought it and the reviews are very good. From the forum post:
"The app is called I.D. Wood and it is to be used as a pocket reference for anyone who works with wood. It has been approved by Apple and is available on Itunes as of this week. Currently the app includes 50 wood samples, various names, a wood glossary of 70+ terms, descriptions, wood working potential, sustainability, search functionality etc. 10 additional woods will be added next week in a free update."

Here's the website.

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Anonymous said...

I bought this app and it really is helpful! Hope to see many more apps follow suit. Well worth the $3.00.