Friday, June 19, 2009

PlansNOW on Facebook

Aha! You've been wondering where I've been the past couple of weeks. Well, now you know (sort of). I created a Facebook Page for day job where we sell woodworking project plans and technique articles as pdf downloads. Facebook facilitates making pages to promote small businesses like PlansNOW as well as big guns like Starbucks and Lowes. As a Facebook user, you can become a Fan of products and organizations you like. PlansNOW has almost 1200 Fans.
If you'd like to see what these folks are looking at, click here. Each day I post one update, and it's different from what I post on Twitter. You can see us on Twitter here, or just look to the right side of this page the see the three most recent Tweets.
I have no idea if these social media websites will be money makers for PlansNOW, but it's nice to have additional contact with so many woodworkers. Facebook is especially nice because it makes commenting so easy. I hope you'll try it.

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