Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i-wood with Blazing 3B Technology

We don't usually talk tech in this blog, but sometimes something comes along that just demands we toss tradition out the window. Certainly, the new i-wood 3B is just such a product. (Spoiler alert: If you love your i-phone, stop reading now.) The i-wood has many benefits, for example:

With the i-wood’s built in web connectivity you can not only check when your movie starts but when every movie starts ever. Or check when all future movies will start until the end of time because we all need more useless information at the tips of our fingers.
Amazing, huh? Be sure to visit the website and see for yourself how this dramatic new product can "help you redefine your relationships with people by showing them how truly irritating they, and their portable devices, have become."

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