Friday, March 27, 2009

Sometimes, the Smallest Change...

...can make a huge difference. About the only thing I don't like about my table saw is changing the blade. A couple weeks ago, Ted Raife, an editor at Woodsmith Magazine, posted a solution to my problem in the Woodsmith Weekly E-Tip. Here it is:
"When changing table saw blades, I try hard to avoid scraping my knuckles on the blade when removing and reinstalling the arbor nut. A very minor modification I made to my arbor wrench helps.
The photo shows this simple alteration. I put a slight bend in the wrench near the arbor nut hole. This makes it easier to slip the wrench over the arbor nut while keeping my fingers out of harms way.
Bending the wrench isn’t difficult. I just clamped the end in a vise and applied a little force. And I've definitely seen a good return on this small investment."

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