Friday, September 26, 2008

Log Bowls

Turning bowls from logs probably dates from the very first version of some pre-historic lathe. But somehow, I always thought of turning both the outside of a piece of wood as well as the inside to create a bowl. Now I know better.
Here are log bowls from the Loyal Loot Collective. From Loyal Loot:
Log Bowls combine the incomparable beauty of trees in their natural state with a high-gloss vibrant finish. Each bowl is handmade using only locally reclaimed
trees of all varieties (fallen or cut down due to infrastructure, re-landscaping, droughts, or stormy weather). The trees are hand selected, gathered, turned and finished by Loyal Loot Collective and local crafts people. Log Bowls come in a large variety of colors and are completed by hand with a water-based, furniture grade finish.
The Loyal Loot Collective's website has many more items worth seeing.

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